Biting the Bullet

This has been a year of extreme changes for me. I graduated from my master’s program, got two part-time jobs, drafted my mystery novel (again), and started applying to PhD programs.

I’m the kind of person who romanticizes adventure but HATES change. It’s like one of those Fanny Dooley things that the kids on Zoom used to talk about. And now I’ve dated myself. Change requires the pulling of many figurative teeth on my part, but I am looking forward to it, because I really do love adventure. 

Recently, I took the GRE and this whole PhD idea is getting much more tangible. It’s starting to feel like a real possibility and like much less of a daydream. 

I’m also a few days away from attending the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference and I’m in the process of editing my novel into excellence.

So, to kickstart my adjusting period, I decided to throw some smaller change into the air–making my writing blog more official-like. By “official-like,” I mean buying a domain name so that my URL fits on a business card. I mean prettying-up the place. I mean getting taking another step in the serious pursuit of my writing careers, since I keep taking serious steps in academia.

It’s change, and my teeth are already grit in defense, but it’s good for me. I guess. *yanks a figurative tooth out*

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