And Then There Were None… (PhD Applications Update)

Agatha Christie titles are so versatile. I’m excited to say that, in this case, And Then There Were None does not refer to ten gruesome murders. Rather, it refers to seven arduous applications.

I finished them all today! My original plan was to wait until next payday to submit the final three. But, since next payday is actually only five days away, I decided to go for it. For the next two weeks, I’ll be in constant grading mode for the three English Composition and Research sections I am teaching this semester, so it’s probably better this way.

Although, I can already feel the inaction creeping in and inviting its friends: doubt, anticipation, and anxiety. Fine. So all of those were already camping out it my over-populated mind. But at least I could distract myself from them. The next two weeks will be bearable because of the grading. But after that it’s…*looks at calendar on phone*…at least two months before I can even expect to hear anything. And that might be low-balling the estimation, as I’ve heard that some universities don’t get back until March or even April. Gah!

So, I’ll be daydreaming and waiting and writing a conference paper and, hopefully, finishing a novel in the meantime. And what goes better with any of those activities than music?  Below are a few of the songs I’ve been jamming to for the past several weeks (they’ve been helping me keep the antsy to a bearable level).

“It’s Only a Paper Moon,” Ella Fitzgerald (great for daydreaming)

“Girl Anachronism,” The Dresden Dolls (don’t watch if you’re easily offended)

“Alone,” Trampled By Turtles (love me some punk-grass)

“Head On” Man Man (My new favorite band. For a few weeks, I listened to this song about five times a day)

“Melatonin Rum,” The Vespers


Clearly, I have pretty wide-ranging taste in music. I could post some Hip-Hop, too. Don’t put it past me. *glares*

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