Libraries, or, Waiting is Hard. Must. Distract. Self.

It’s only been a couple of days since I finished my PhD applications (I know, the date of my last post says it’s only been one day, but I actually posted on Dec. 1 and I think my blog has time zone issues).

Due to some insomnia issues, however, I feel like it’s been at least a week. And I have developed a compulsive need for certainty that I’m pretty sure will never be satisfied. Or, at least not for two months. Which is beginning to sound like twelve years.

And I thought I was slightly nutty before. BahahahahHahahHAaAaaa. *eye twitches*

Ehem. My life is suddenly all about distraction. Work is a good distraction, as are television watching, grading, eating, playing my guitar and singing, cleaning my house, etc. As soon as I’m done grading, I’ll add EDITING THE NOVEL to the distraction pile, because I perform better when I’m able to tell myself that I’m doing said thing for the sake of avoiding another pressing thing. It’s like, I have to come at everything from this weird oblique angle of slanted-intention. If that even makes sense.

Today, however, I’ve run out of productive distractions to do (sleeplessness makes reading for fun hard) and I’m stuck at a very slow Writing Center for another two-and-a-half hours. So, I decided to give you a blog tour of the libraries each potential school offers me. Because I’m all for order, we’re gonna do this geographically West to East. I grew up in the West, okay? It’s always first in my mind.

University of Washington, Seattle. 

Although the University of Washington has many libraries, the two I would work with most as an English student would be the Suzzallo and Allen libraries. According to the university website, the libraries are home to over two million print volumes and cover 350,000 sq. feet. *Nerd Glee*

The Suzzallo, which went into construction in 1922, is simply breathtaking. I’m posting links instead of pictures because of copyright schtuff. I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s work. But seriously, look and drool.  It also includes an espresso cafe. *faints*

University of Oregon, Eugene.

Once again, there are several libraries on this campus (what’s with that? my Alma mater only had one. I feel cheated. *pouts*). The main library is the Knight library, which was built over a two year period (1935-7). It’s got some awesome greco-roman architecture going on, which I really like, and more importantly, holds over 3 million volume and subscribes to over 17,000 journals. That, my dears, is research heaven. Especially for someone who did a master’s thesis at a one-library institution (is that the equivalent of a one-horse town? probably) with a limited collection of texts and periodicals. My former institution’s library has no delusions of its own grandeur and I love it dearly despite its smallness. Still, it will be nice to do real, large-scale research in a ginormous library if I get into one of these schools.

You can take a look at Knight library here. I’m pretty sure I also saw mention of a coffee shop on the library’s premises. *cha-ching*

University of Colorado, Boulder.

Boulder is another campus that boasts multiple libraries. I’ll be in library heaven wherever I end up. 🙂

Ehem. Norlin library is CU Boulder’s main branch and home to the intriguingly named Laughing Goat Coffee Shop. The library hosts an Arts and Humanities collection of over 700,000 titles, but I haven’t been able to figure out how many books it houses in total. I will research this more later and edit accordingly. Here’s a great shot of the library. So pretty. So big.

And…my brain is too numb from sleep deprivation to continue writing. So…

To Be Continued. 

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