Libraries, One More Time

Gospel Truth.

So, I ended up applying to one more university, where one of my new favorite Victorianists teaches. The school has an amazing program, a fellowship specifically for Victorianists, and a beautiful campus. Consequently, I owe you one more library tour.

University of Florida.

U of Florida is home to the George A. Smathers Libraries, which reminds me vaguely of the Simpsons. These are not the only libraries associated with U of Florida, but these seven libraries are home to the humanities collections (primarily located in Library West). The libraries host an impressive 4.5 million physical books, as well as nearly 80,000 electronic journals, over 600,000 ebooks, and much more. You can see a picture of Library West here, and visit their Facebook page here.

Also, there is a Starbucks right inside the library, for convenient caffeination.



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