And Then There Were None…

I use this particular Agatha Christie title too much, although at least I’m not using the racist alternate title, right?


The application season is officially over for me. I have now heard back from all of the programs, and the tally is as follows:

  • Three acceptances
  • Four rejections
  • One wait list / the school won’t be sending any more news until after April 15 but hasn’t rejected me outright

As you can all probably imagine (unless you have very limited cognitive powers, in which case, I am sorry), I am ridiculously excited. I am jumping-up-and-down and giggling like a madwoman excited–the kind that makes people look at you like you just escaped the nearest psych ward.

Now, it’s time to make decisions, to make plans, to get excited because I’m not just building castles in the air anymore. I’m building foundations under them–just like Thoreau suggests.

I am on my way to becoming a professor, to being Dr. Floyd in real life and not just in my daydreams.

I’ll post actual details when the decisions have been made, but until then *squeals and runs around in circles.*

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