University of Oregon Campus Visit

I’ve had an…interesting…trip. It started out with flight delays that meant my entire visit was condensed severely, and ended with a completely canceled flight and a 24 hour wait in L.A., during which time an unidentified man (who was possibly homeless, according to the news anchors), drowned in the swimming pool at the hotel where the airline put us up. My SO and I woke up to news anchors JOKING about this event on television, and when we went to the window to look at the pool, it was already open for business again…

Oh, L.A. *sigh*

Anyway, the actual visit part of the trip was wonderful, and once again I will relate it through a photo essay:Image


The view from the English Grad Lounge in PLC Hall.



University of Oregon Trip 008   University of Oregon Trip 010

University of Oregon Trip 016   University of Oregon Trip 018

University of Oregon Trip 019   University of Oregon Trip 021

University of Oregon Trip 022   University of Oregon Trip 023

University of Oregon Trip 024   University of Oregon Trip 025

University of Oregon Trip 027   The Pioneer

(Above to the right: The Pioneer who is supposedly Eugene Skinner, the founder after whom the city is named. When we left Eugene, we flew over the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas and between the mountains and the statue, I couldn’t help but think about the Donner Party).

University of Oregon Trip 106   University of Oregon Trip 103

University of Oregon Trip 104   University of Oregon Trip 111

PLC Hall (where the English Dept. is located)

PLC Hall (where the English Dept. is located) 












University of Oregon Trip 108

Knight Library

Knight Library

University of Oregon Trip 112   University of Oregon Trip 117

University of Oregon Trip 119   University of Oregon Trip 120

University of Oregon Trip 122   University of Oregon Trip 127

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