Matthew Arnold’s Poetical Works

Last week, I spent a lot of time experimenting with a new way (for me) to discuss book history: the vlog. It’s been a lot of trail and error, and I don’t know if I’ll stick with this format, but I tried it–and it’s coherent.

You can find my video discussion of Matthew Arnold’s Poetical Works here. Below, I’ve posted supplemental material: pictures of the illustrations, the frontispiece, and the title page.


The frontispiece.


The title page.


The title spread.

The A.A. Dixon illustrations:


By the way, while gravure illustrations look similar to half-tone illustrations, you can always tell it’s gravure if the dots are varying sizes (to create varying depths of black).

And, because I missed a week a feel like I owe you something EXTRA beyond the technological dazzle of a YouTube video, I’ve collected links to some of my favorite book history websites below:

Women in Book History

At the Circulating Library

The William Morris Archive

Publishers’ Bindings Online


That’s all for now!


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