Victorian Scribblers logo Victorian Scribblers is a biography and literature podcast I launched in 2017, co-hosted by me (Courtney Floyd) and Eleanor Dumbill, a Ph.D. candidate in English and Publishing at Loughborough University. Our episodes cover the lives and work of lesser-known nineteenth-century writers, and our special features highlight important cultural contexts that bring the Victorian period to life. For more about why I started this podcast, see Episode 0 – Intro and my interview with the Mary Elizabeth Braddon association.

Portrait of Fergus HumeThe Fergus Hume Bibliography and Corpus is a website and Github repository I built in 2019 in an attempt to gather bibliographic information about Hume's various works in one place and begin compiling a corpus of his public domain works. Fergusson "Fergus" Wright Hume (8 July 1859 – 12 July 1932) was a British novelist, playwright, and song writer who grew up in New Zealand and authored more than 140 novels during his lifetime. His most famous work was The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886), a novel which did a lot to popularize the mystery genre. Despite his initial popularity and prolificity, Hume has been largely forgotten by the public and overlooked by scholars. The website includes a sortable bibliography, nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century reviews of Hume's work, and twenty-first century reference works about Hume and his writing. The GitHub repository contains Python scripts to automatically download plain text files of the novels, collections, and short stories of Hume's which have been made freely available online via Project Gutenberg, Hathitrust, and/or the Internet Archive; plain text files of those works; and a .csv bibliography.