13 Jan 2017 - Courtney Floyd

Little Luxart Library Editions (1920s)

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

My little book history blog series is back from its brief hiatus with a short stack of interesting editions which probably came free with a box of chocolate. (Follow the link for an interesting mini-lesson in American book history.)

Produced by Robert K. Haas, Inc. from 1924+ (and by the Little Leather Library corporation between 1916-1923), these editions aren't much to look at, aside from the novelty of their size. Made with high wood-pulp paper which is extremely foxed and brittle now, they made literary classics (and not-so-classics) available to a wider public.

These editions are bound in either roan or skiver (I'm not well-versed in leather bindings, but considering the cheapness of the editions, I'd guess it's skiver), which has been dyed red and blind stamped with simple borders and titles.

IMG_5368.JPG The titles on the spines are actually in relief.
img_5373 I'm afraid to open the book too far, because it's so brittle. But this shot gives you a good sense of the printing quality. Narrow margins, lots of lines, lots of ink blotting.
More next week! CF