10 Feb 2017 - Courtney Floyd

MacGrath's Arms and the Woman (1899)

Sometimes, a book catches your eye over and over again until you finally give in and bring it home EVEN THOUGH it isn't quite the kind of thing you normally work with.

Harold MacGrath's Arms and the Woman: A Romance (1899) is one of those books. The cover and title kept catching my eye. So I caved, and now I'm blogging about it.

The edition I picked up was published by A.L. Burt Company out of New York. It's printed on dandy-rolled wove paper with at least some linen content. The publisher's binding is red cloth with black stamping and a half-tone photo onlay, the title is white-stamped in contrast.


As you can see, the title page is an interesting mix of fonts (including some Gothic) and decorative elements. It appears to be woodcut.

There is evidence of stereotyping throughout the volume. You'll notice a pattern of wear on the last line of many pages -- either they're blurry or extra bold or both.