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Victorian Scribblers cover art 1

Victorian Scribblers is a podcast I launched in May 2017, co-hosted by me (Courtney Floyd, Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Oregon) and Eleanor Dumbill (Ph.D. student at Loughborough University).

Our episodes cover the lives and work of the nineteenth-century writers time forgot, and our special features highlight important cultural contexts that bring the Victorian period to life.

The first season, Scribbler Royalty, focused on Wilkie Collins, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and serial publication in the newspaper.

The second (and current) season is showcasing the lives and work of Anthony Trollope’s prolific but less well-known family members: Frances Milton (mother), Thomas Adolphus (brother), Theodosia Garrow (sister-in-law), and Frances Eleanor (sister-in-law).